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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a childbirth method that focuses on preparing parents for gentle birth. In our hypnobirthing classes you will learn evidence-based techniques though a program of deep relaxation, visualization and self-hypnosis. All of these are designed to help you achieve a more comfortable birth. Hypnobirthing encourages a calm, positive and peaceful pregnancy, birth and bonding experience. 

What is the positive birth program?

The positive birth program is a childbirth education program for pregnant mothers and their support partners. The positive birth program is apart of many programs offered through hypnobirthing Australia. The positive birth program is uniquely designed for Australian mothers and their birth partners. Hypnobirthing Australia classes prepare you with the knowledge, confidence and tools you need to birth calmly. Birth can and should be a positive experience- one that you will always want to remember.

Through the positive birth program, you will learn how your body is naturally designed to nurture and birth your baby with ease and comfort, how to create your body’s own relaxant, the only safe labour enhancement and how you and your birthing partner can create a birthing environment that is calm, safe and joyful.

How can hypnobirthing help me?

When women understand that pain is caused by constrictor hormones, created by fear, they learn instead to release all fear thus creating endorphins which are our feel-good hormones. They are then able to change their expectations of long, painful labour and are able to replace them with expectations of a more comfortable birthing experience.  Hypnobirthing provides mothers and support partner with tools and techniques such as learning deep abdominal breathing and total relaxation, enabling labouring mother to work in harmony with her body and baby. This allows her to achieve a shorter and more comfortable labour for herself and her baby.  

when is the best time to start this course?

 the ideal time to start is anytime from 18 weeks onwards. We recommend that you commence your learning as soon as possible to enjoy the benefit of having access to the course for as long as possible throughout your pregnancy. You will then be able to practice the tools of self-hypnosis, relaxation and other effective techniques for gentle, easy birthing effectively. If you are further along in your pregnancy it's not too late, you can still benefit immensely. 

I am 37 weeks pregnant, it is too late to start this course?

 It is definitely not too late to do the course and benefit from it! In fact, the  Hypnobirthing Course is absolutely perfect for your situation. You get access to all of the videos, resources and learning from the time of enrolment – so you can ‘cram’ it and go through the content in your own time. The other advantage is you can then revisit the videos and learnings throughout your pregnancy. If you have the desire to learn hypnobirthing before your birth, you can do this!


Will the course be useful to me if I don’t opt for a natural childbirth

 Absolutely. The things you will learn during this course will help you to learn relaxation skills that will be useful to both you and your baby, regardless of your birth experience. In the event that medical intervention of any sort is needed, you will find yourself better able to remain calm and in control. Mothers who have needed scheduled cesareans for medical reasons report that they were totally relaxed before, during and after the procedure.  

The program will provide you with the tools and techniques to help you remain calm, relaxed and in-control whatever turn your birth may take. 

Is it true that I will experience a pain-free birth with Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing does not promise painless birthing, though many Hypnobirthing mothers do report having a relatively pain-free birth or one that they were able to manage easily. When the cause of pain–fear that constricts the birthing muscles—is eliminated, birthing can be accomplished in a shorter period and much more comfortably. A relaxed mother’s body will produce more endorphins, nature’s own relaxants. Hypnobirthing mothers may still experience sensations of tightening or pressure; but most describe their birth experience as working with their body through the sensations, and thus avoiding the excruciating pain that is frequently spoken of by women who choose other methods of preparation for birthing. 

What if my doctor/midwife is not familiar with Hypnobirthing? Can I still use this method

More and more care providers are becoming aware of the benefits of Hypnobirthing. If your care giver is not knowledgeable about Hypnobirthing, take the opportunity early in your pregnancy to discuss the techniques you will be using and the type of calm birthing environment that you desire. In class, you will learn how to create a plan of Birth Preferences, which will help you to communicate your birthing goals and preferences to your doctor or midwife.

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