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Hi Beautiful Mama! Welcome

About Tahlia

my name is Tahlia!

I am a mother to a beautiful little boy Harrison, and wife to my handsome husband Zac, I’m a sister, a friend, a daughter, I am just like you. I have a noisy home and busy life, I am A lover of coffee, chocolate, Netflix & a huge birth nerd.


I attended my midwifery studies through University of Newcastle, throughout this I attended Clinical training within the Maitland hospital. And throughout this experience I craved to know and see more of the midwifery world.

Upon graduating my bachelor of midwifery, I set out on my biggest adventure to rural Dubbo to find what kind of midwife I wanted to be and as young a woman what it would be like to live out of home and out of my family hometown and oh boy did, I learn a lot about myself, and my eyes opened to the world beyond little Maitland.

The culture change in and out of the hospital setting. How midwives from all over travelled to Dubbo for work and it was the most connected I had ever felt with women and their families, most of us were away from our families so making our own little family is what made it the life changing experience to me personally.

But eventually I missed my family, friends and my partner so I moved back home and gained a position at The John Hunter Hospital where I worked alongside some very experienced knowledgeable midwives and obstetricians.

I truly believe women and families everywhere deserve to have to have true informed choice and safe, respectful care.

My goal is to provide more access for women in our communities to continuity and evidenced-based care.


I am based in Cessnock and Service the Hunter Valley and Newcastle surrounding areas.

Why Birth with Passion


Birth with Passion is dedicated to providing you with continuity midwifery care throughout your pregnancy, birth and motherhood.


Regular pregnancy care only sees women from the second trimester (14-21 weeks' gestation). Birth with Passion offers women care from their first trimester, once a confirmation of pregnancy is attended. 

When you hire Tahlia you have your own midwife for pregnancy, birth and for 6 weeks afterwards. Tahlia can do all of your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care in your home and/or at her home office. She can write referrals for blood tests and ultrasounds if you would like these. Tahlia is also Medicare eligible so you will get a portion of the fee rebated back from Medicare.

Birth with Passion is guided by a women-centered philosophy, which “enables individual decision-making and self-determination for the woman to care for herself and her family. Woman-centered care respects the woman’s ownership of her health information, rights and preferences while protecting her dignity and empowering her choices. Woman-centered care is the focus of midwifery practice in all settings.” – Nursing and Midwifery Board Aphra (NMBA) Midwife Standards for Practice

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