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Birth Mapping 

Birth plans are a good idea, But Birth Mapping is even better and here is why?

Birth plans don't account for changes or flexibility. 

Birth maps are made by you, for you. pregnancy, birth and beyond is so individual and not one journey is the same. 

Training with the beautifully excellent Catherine Bell of the birth mapping world. I am so excited to start bringing this offer to you and your partner, so that you can be in the front seat of your care.

Before your session you will receive your very own hard copy of The Birth Map by Catherine Bell 

This session is 3 hours one on one in the comfort of your own home. 

Together we will:

  • Learn all about you, your pregnancy and birth journey.

  • Discuss any knowledge gaps or fears that come up and how to work to resolve these.

  • share specific research associated with your specific situation + birthing place.

  • what the birth map process is and how we use it 

  • show and tell of "the game of birth" and then we play!

  • select and formulate questions for you to ask you care providers. 

You will walk away with:

  • The Birth Map by Catherine Bell

  • confidence in your own values and approach around labour, birth and beyond

  • confidence and trust in the process and in each other, most of all in the woman or birthing person whose lead will be taken. 

  • your very own birth map that outlines different pathways, choices and considerations for labour and birth 

  • your very own postpartum map that outlines different pathways, choices and considerations around your support network, newborn care, self-care and relationship care Birth education Maitland birth education

                                      Total Cost $250

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